Love Diary ♥

After all her friends were married she felt lonely; she felt alone. She plans for a solo trip to enjoy her singlehood. Paris – Yes it is. Ironically; a single woman in a place of love.

The day is here – She boards the 9 hrs 30 mins flight. With the flight about to take off there’s an introduction of the crew over the mic. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your pilot Shawn Dsouza; On behalf of the flight crew, let me welcome you aboard. We should touch down in France at 8:55 local time. Have a pleasant journey”. With this announcement she felt the shivers running down her spine. There’s a sudden feeling of nostalgia. She desperately wants to get away of this situation. She wants to jump off this aircraft.
It’s a damn 9 and half hour flight. “Nishi just relax.. try to sleep.. try to relax… its ok..” She usually has her inner self talking to her to calm her down. How much ever she tried to distract herself all in vain. Finally with her favourite song playing on her mp3 player everything around her fades away to a pitch dark sleep.
“Nishi, what if one day you get a good proposal and decide to leave me. You get married and travel with your husband and there’s an announcement…” She feels her throat choking and wakes up from her sleep. “It’s 8.00am yet another 55 mins..!! damn” She has her past revisiting her thoughts every single minute. The days when they were together – the laughs the fights. The days of togetherness slowing turning into a separation. The days of hollow loneliness. The days when she spent in depression. The days until now that she wanted him to be back. When she’ll meet him.. How she would fight with him why on earth did he give up on her. She looked strong and confident but only did she knew how much she longed for him.
“Ladies and Gentlemen now we are arriving at our destination we request you to fasten your seat belts until further announcements”
9.10 in her watch and she is already there getting her cabin luggage out. She is the last one to move out. Struggling with her baggage. “Nishi, would you mind if I lend you a hand?” She wants to turn and respond to him but she chooses not to. Hurriedly she manages to get her luggage out and takes quick steps. “Nishi, Give me 5 minutes please.” She wants to turn and hug him though a part of her wants to slap him. She decides to wait. With a blank expression she looks at her love of life – Mr Shawn Dsouza who had decided to take a break from their relationship as he thought maybe this isn’t love and needed time to think about it.
“Nishi, I hope you had a pleasant flight. Guess what i was not scheduled to be here. But, I figured out through your friends that you flying through this aircraft. Babe, after alot of pleading I got this flight. I know I was at fault. I know it was my biggest mistake in letting you go.. rather it was me running away from a commitment. Only after you were gone I figured out how difficult it was to live without you. I couldn’t gather the courage to come back to you. I am almost like a zombie without you. Would you help me find my life? Would you help me live my life again?

….. And who says love doesn’t happen in unexpected places… where she thought she’ll celebrate her singlehood she was proposed for marriage. Yes.. Paris it is..!!


Love Diary ♥

7:10pm Andheri Fast –

She took quick steps to board the local. The train started moving before she could reach the ladies compartment so she quickly hopped into the general compartment.
She was standing near the entrance of the crowded train. As the train started picking up speed her heart started pumping even faster. She was nervous.
Eventually she started enjoying the wind gushing against her face. She felt wonderful until she felt a slight push from behind and she was blank.. she was all set to fly off the running train.. She had closed her eyes thinking its the end. Within seconds she realized she hasn’t fallen on the tracks. With her eyes wide open she could see the moving tracks and wind gushing against her face. She was horrified. To her surprise someone had held her backpack from behind which had prevented her from falling. Within seconds she was pulled inside. She turned behind to thank the person who saved her life. Little did she know that she would fall for that person who saved her from falling.

Hopelessly in love

And…. She was hopelessly in love with him.
She had no regrets.
She loved him to bits – cheered him on his success, silently sobbed when he was upset.
She encouraged him in everything that he did; without any expectations.
It wasn’t her choice to fall in love with him; it just happened and now the choice is hers to live dwelling in the same love throughout her life.
Many people find it insane.. But, it made me think – One sided love is the best thing. No expectations, no regrets it’s just pure love..!!

Love doesn’t fade; Memories does

It’s their dating anniversary tomorrow and he has decided to tell her everything. Everything that he has been trying to say since a long time. He wants to part ways with her as their love just faded away with time and that he doesn’t feel the same way for her anymore.

It’s 6pm already and she is damn excited about tomorrow. She has got all arrangements in place.  It’s their day and she wants to make it special. The only thing left is the ring. Yes, she has chosen this day to propose him for marriage.

He gets home early with a heavy heart and confused mind. She is home as well but tired and exhausted. She kisses him goodnight and informs him that she’ll get to office early in the morning and will be back soon. He doesn’t know how to respond to this but he is sure that they need to part their way.

It’s morning he gets up and figures out that she has left already. He decides to work from home. He starts his laptop.. Ping Ping.. there are mails in his mailbox.. She has sent him mails every hour.. He is annoyed and decides not to read it. His guilt was killing him. He was yet adamant on his stubborn decision. As he entered the kitchen he found his favourite snack cooked to perfection by her. Every bite made him rethink on his decision. Ping ping.. and the mails continue until 1pm.

It’s 2.30pm and no 2pm mail. It’s 3.30 yet no mails. He assumes that she has lost her mind like any other day. He recollects the initial days of dating how they communicated with each other throughout the day. The love the care just faded away with time.

To his surprise the phone starts ringing flashing her name. He yet ignores the calls. Until the fone stopped ringing. Finally he decides to call back.

Her phone is switched off..!! He assumes its one of her tantrums. After an hour he gets a call from an unknown number. A call which he has least expected only to mention that a girl who mentioned you in emergency contact number has met with an accident and passed away on the spot. She was so busy with her fone that she failed to notice the overspeeding car.

He could feel the chills all through his body. He leaves immediately for the hospital. On his way to the hospital he reads all those emails she had sent to him.

Its reads like –

Mail at 7am –

I remember the day I first met you. Our first day at work. You were so nervous. I loved that innocent puppy face.

PS: Honey, I love you.

Mail at 8am –

I remember the day you proposed me. I asked you time so that i could think about it. But cudnt wait for even few hours.

PS: Honey, I love you.

Mail at 9am-

I remember the all those days when you took care of me when I was ill. I could see the pain in your eyes.

PS: Honey, i love you. Also, it’s your breakfast time. There’s something for you in the kitchen. Don’t be late for work and come back soon.

Mail at 10 am

Honey, I remember how we had set priorities before us. We had to make our career strong even before we get married. I remember all those days where we cared for other each whilst even being busy.

PS: I yet love you to the moon and back

Mail at 11am

I am sorry for all those fights we had. Despite of all the fights i know the love was yet lingering on us.

PS: I can’t wait to see you. I love you.

mail at 12pm

I promise I’ll be with you till death takes me away or u never know even after dat. hahaha i know how you get scared of ghosts.. but i promise I’ll not scare you.

PS: Would you live the rest of your life with a psycho like me? I love you.

mail at 1pm.

I want this day to be remembered throughout our life. I always want to see you smiling my sunshine.

PS: Wait for me till I get back. Can’t wait anymore. i love you.

Tears roll of his eyes never to stop. His sobs are choking him to death. He just cant breath… with a start he lifts his head and grasps for air..

Phewwww he’s on his bed.. Damn that’s a dream. But this dream made him realize how much he loved her. She looked cute sleeping besides him. He hugs her while she is yet sleeping.

She in her faint whisper – What’s wrong?

He pretty sure this time – Babe I love you. Would you spend the rest of your life with a psycho like me? 

She – Ofcourse yes.. You are my favorite wierdo.


Love and Fate

On a pleasant morning he decides to go for a ride on his new bike. Cool breeze playing with every bit of his hair.. he rides playing with wind gushing towards him.. While hez riding his eyes dramatically spots a girl digging her bag for sumthing. She was fair and beautiful like an angel with lost puppy like eyes. His eyes glued on her. Mesmerised by her sight he could understand it’s love at first sight. He was blushing and his heart rushing but he was unaware there sumthing different for him which he didn’t even think of. His speeding bike slides into a mushy road and within seconds he is on the ground nearly injured.

Yes, he has met with an accident but to his horror he had bumped into another girl who was a part of that accident and has hit her head to a Stone. He felt sumthing dying inside him. He dragged himself towards that girl. Her face covered with blood. He started crying for help. He felt sorry for his carelessness. He felt sorry for the girl. His thoughts started building in his head – What if this girl would end her struggle with pain – death?? no No… can’t happen; His thoughts slowly getting him unconscious.

With a jerk he gets up and figures out hez in d hospital. His family next to him. The first thing he asks, How’s the girl?? Where is she? To his surprise she had occupied the side bed in his same room but she had lost senses of her limbs due to head injury. He was broken from inside when he got to know that. He struggled to walk towards her.

He – Hi

She smiles – Hi

He – I am sorry. It’s all my fault. If I were to be careful this wouldn’t have happened.

She – I know, I saw you coming from distance. I was so glued on you that I didn’t realize you were already committed and were looking at ur gurl. But i cud see you coming towards the mushy path and was waving at you to signal the danger. Thank God u r safe.

He was nearly in tears when he realized what a fool was he. This small conversation and big incident had definitely made her the best thing ever happened in his life. Now it made sense to him.. love is nt abt beauty but a connect of two people

He struggled to say – I am sorry I didn’t notice you wave at me. If i did m sure v wudnt have been here but a better place. Will you be my valentine?

She – If you accept me the way I am, yes I’ll be your valentine.

3 yrs since den.. they both are married

Love dairy ♥ Story#1

After an argument their conversations were as cold as the chilling nights. One night her phone buzzes at the message that hez sent.

“Babe, I need to talk. Can v meet now?”

Her world falls apart as she reads the text. What if he wants to part ways… What if he’s done with me?? No.. No.. this can’t happen.. I can’t live without him.. She has multiple conversations with herself before she could reply back. Before she could send the message her phone buzzes again.. “I am at your terrace; Can u make it soon.” With a heavy heart she replies.. “in 5 mins” She quickly wipes the tears which made their way all thru her cheeks. She gathers herself and walks upstairs knowing this would be difficult and that she could never be happy ever again.
As she reaches the door a part of her wants to run away; but she chooses to go as per his way. She opens the door and cud see him sitting in d dark. As she approaches him the place gets entirely lit up on the tunes of her favourite song which he plays on his guitar… YES, that’s what he has planned for her… A table with wine – just him n her; A perfect dine.
She cries while she hugs him. He holds her in his arms and ensures everything will be alright as he goes down on his knees and asks if she would be his wife.
She in turn goes down on her knees and says
“Arguments and fights would keep happening but what happened today was the ugliest. I felt i lost you forever. That’s when i realized u r my life. Why wouldn’t I be ur wife”

Magical Love

Everytime I think of you there’s a magic in the air.

It feels fresh like the early morning breeze.

Everything around smells of fresh flowers which have just blossomed.

Everytime I think of you I feel you around like you whispering in my ears “I’ll be around always”.

It feels like our souls entwined together.

Everytime I think of you honey, I feel.. I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me and how you complete my incompleteness.